Reflexology is a holistic therapy which follows the principle that the body is mapped on the feet. Pressure is applied to the feet using fingers and thumbs, activating nerve endings that lie on specific reflex points. This pressure sends neurological messages to the brain which then relays that message to the area of the body that is ill, stressed or disturbed. The body's own healing mechanisms are then activated in the required area, enabling healing to occur naturally.
It may bring relief from:
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Skeletomuscular pain 
  • Sinus problems
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Infertility

Natural lift face massage/Rejuvenating Face Massage

Incorporating a unique blend of highly effective techniques drawn from both Japanese Face Massage and Indian head massage, and incorporating acupressure and facial reflexology.

What it can do:

  • Release facial tension which builds up in facial muscles causing puffiness, lines and wrinkles
  • Increase blood circulation, enabling capillaries to deliver nutrients more effectively to the skin’s surface
  • Stimulate the nervous system
  • Improve lymphatic flow, transporting bacteria and toxins away from skin cells
  • Strengthen and tone muscles, helping to prevent sagging skin and fine lines
  • Repair and balance the condition of the skin, minimizing the ageing process
  • Balance ‘chi’ improving the health and appearance of the facial tissue and aiding in balancing as a whole

 Auricular Reflexology

Auricular reflexology follows the same principle as foot reflexology. As with the feet, the ear acts as a map of the body. I can incorporate auricular reflexology into a foot reflexology treatment or a natural face lift massage. It will include a routine massage of the ears and will then focus on any areas that appear to be out of balance. I sometimes use an ear probe that is useful at pinpointing very specific reflexes. I send some of my clients away with an ear seed; this is placed on a specific part of the ear depending on the clients condition/symptoms. This enables my clients to carry out reflexology on themselves and therefore get the best out of a treatment. 

Hot Stone Reflexology

Taking reflexology to the next level, the hot stones relax the body at a deeper level and are affective at creating harmony and balance. The subtle energies of the stones introduced to the treatment calming, relaxing and reducing muscle tension.

The effects and potential benefits of hot stones include:

  • Heat penetrates to a much deeper level than finger pressure, reaching around 7cm into the tissues. This brings about physiological changes as well as improving energy flow
  • Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes the release and elimination of toxins
  • Boosts immunity and lymphatic function
  • Relieves tension in connective tissues
  • Reduces muscular tension which will help muscles relax and repair more efficiently
  • It is warming, deeply relaxing and soothing helping to melt away and tension or anxiety
  • Helps to bring about a balance of body as well as mind

The use of hot stones in reflexology:

Hot stones can be incorporated into a treatment to further enhance the benefits of the treatment. It is estimated that one stroke of a hot stone is worth 5 strokes of the hand. It is also believed to yield 5 times deeper and 5 times longer lasting effects compared to a ‘normal’ reflexology treatment. The heat helps to relax the feet to allows the reflexes to be worked more deeply.

The Stones are composed of basalt, a volcanic rock , which due to its high density retains its heat well. They are heated at a controlled temperature and are only applied to the skin at a comfortable temperature.


Raynor Naturopathic Deep Tissue Massage

This is a deep tissue naturopathic massage with its origins in Ayurvedic massage, reflexology shiatsu and yoga breathwork.The primary aim of the massage is to relieve a person of residual tension, and return the body back to its natural state of relaxation. It concentrates on parts of the body often neglected by traditional massage such as the abdomen, sacrum, hips, feet, hands and head, which are the areas that tend to hold a lot of stagnation and life force and freeing them up will benefit the whole being. 
For a full body massage 1 hour and 30 minutes is recommended.
A focus massage can be booked to concentrate for a particular area to be worked.