Thanks so much for such an activating session last week. It was such a gentle, relaxing session but so powerful. I could literally feel my energy blockages disappear and my digestion improved from the following day. 
Gini your an angel, thanks so much



I have suffered for months from chronic neck pain and a few other issues. Have only been for 2 treatments with Gini and all the pain has disappeared! Gini has magical healing hands. She is so knowledgeable with all things reflexology and has a true gift ♥️ Such an amazing experience that I cannot recommend enough to others.

Lauren Brown


One of the best treatments I’ve ever had, I’m 8 and half months pregnant and can finally see bones in my feet again. Booked straight in for the following week.

Sarah Keanley


Over the last year or so I have cherished my reflexology sessions with Gini – her kindness, calmness and genuine talent is an addictive combination. I started seeing Gini to boost my fertility, I knew my system was out of balance and my husband and I were keen to start trying for a baby. After some well timed reflexology we were very quickly successful, and I feel safe in the knowledge that I have been able to see Gini throughout my pregnancy to keep myself balanced whilst coping with a demanding workload, and as I move into my last month of pregnancy to focus on helping with some more specific issues – like swollen ankles, trapped nerves and helping the baby move into the right position.

Lily Max


My first time having reflexology and certainly won’t be my last! Gini was absolutely amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever felt those sensations through my body before.. Felt lighter and and relaxed. Highly recommend this lovely lady for all her treatments. Thanks again Gini

Amy Nunn


Amazing session today with Gini. Felt at total ease and was super relaxed afterwards. Even my husband (who normally hates massages or anything where he has to switch off) enjoyed his and is still talking about how amazing his was and how chilled he feels. Will certainly be back. Thanks a lot x

Amy Warsop


I have had a number of reflexology sessions both before and during my pregnancy. I didn’t know much about it before meeting Gini, but now I am totally fascinated by it. I can honestly say that Gini was able to connect with me and make me feel relaxed and really helped with various aches, pains and stresses I was experiencing at the time. She also offers a natural lift face produce which is quite simply divine..beautiful products, amazing touch and a special soul. Thank you Gini! Looking forward to the next time! x

Claire Saunders


Gini gives an amazing reflexology and is no less than a miracle worker. After months and months of bad nights, I have finally turned a corner since starting my sessions with her and now enjoy good sleep at night. Thank you. You have a truly healing touch.

Marie-Lynn Stadler


I have had many sessions of Gini, however having her sessions when pregnant where the absolute best. As any pregnant woman knows you need those little touches through your term to make life feel good again. Gini understands a pregnant woman’s needs and body. Leading up to the birth she gave me a few sessions to release pressure in the body, alleviate the adrenal glands making me very relaxed, working with parts of the body to help relax the right muscles for preparation of birth. If you are overdue she can even work on the parts of the body to naturally help labour start. Quite fascinating how powerful reflexology treatments can be! I can´t recommend Gini enough. Thank you for being such a star.

Anne-Marie Duperouzel


I had a couple of treatments with Gini during my pregnancy and after reading about the benefits of reflexology in a book by Doctor Gowri Motha. She is gentle and kind and her treatments are very relaxing. The most powerful session I had was the one at the end of my pregnancy. I was overdue and the hospital was talking about inducing me, which I did not want. I tried lots of things, long walks, hot curries etc and then I called Gini. She squeezed me in and came to give me a treatment at home. She has magic hands! Had a blissful treatment and a couple of hours after her visit I went into labour and has a relatively quick natural birth. Looking forward to booking in again. Highly recommended.

Shiv McClelland