About Me

I decided to re-train as a reflexologist after receiving sessions myself, when I was working in my old role in a busy Buying Office. I was always amazed at how one session could shift the way I felt, I’d walk away feeling grounded and re-energised, and I was always blown away by the way my reflexologist could pin point what was happening in my body, by working with my feet.

I’d had a very close personal loss in my family, and it was at that time that I re-evaluated my values, and felt compelled to work with people, helping to improve their overall well-being. I highly believe in the expression ‘prevention is cheaper than the cure’, and that we can all feel 100% if we take care of ourselves in the right way.

Since qualifying in reflexology I have taken further courses in Auricular Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology, and Maternity and Fertility Reflexology. I’m also really fascinated in how the body works and how nutrition affects our health, and so I am continuing my studies in this area so that I can provide a more rounded holitsic approach to my treatments.

I studied to the highest level in the UK, and qualified as a fully accredited Clinical Reflexologist with a Centralia Reflexolgist Mastership, which enables me to be part of Professional Reflexology and Association of Reflexologists. This enables me to tailor a plan, to meet each individuals needs.

Having really been able to delve deep into Reflexology, I have also now trained in Massage. I chose a course that was in alignment with what I already practice and decided to train in Raynor Naturopathic Deep Tissue Massage. I resonated with this course as it puts emphasis on the importance of the feet, hands and head as part of the massage, referring to them as anchors of the body.

I practice from my treatment room in Santa Eulalia but I am also available for home visits. I am also lucky enough to work with some of the retreats on the island; The Body Camp, Ibiza Retreats and Soulshine to name a few.

I am honestly continually amazed at how powerful reflexology can be, and how it can help people in many different ways, which is why I choose to focus on this therapy.



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