Reflexology for Post Partum Mothers


Having recently given birth to my first child, I have now more than ever realised the value of taking well needed time for myself. Starting the journey as a mother, we carry our little ones for nine months, and then welcome them into the world when we give birth, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest events in our lives. I know that when I am feeling well rested I can be a better mum for my son.


When I arrived back from the hospital, I felt a range of emotions and I felt physically tired. My body felt like it was crying out for some sort of massage or reflexology. I felt like I needed some nurturing touch, and some deep restorative relaxation. I wanted to be able to enjoy my time with my new baby, but often found it hard whenever I started to feel tired. I’d been getting used to new sleep patterns, breast feeding and trying to understand what he needed every time he cried and also felt tired from the physical aspect of recovering from the birth. I knew that if I didn’t get the rest I needed it would take longer for my hormones to balance out and that it was going to affect my mood.


It made me think of all the other new mums out there going through the same thing and for this reason I wanted to share some of the ways reflexology can benefit new mothers during the post partum period.


Reflexology for Post Partum

1. After giving birth, you may not feel like a whole body massage. Reflexology is a safe, non invasive treatment, which focuses on the feet whilst you stay fully clothed, but still benefits the body as a whole.


2. You have the option of having your baby with you, which makes it possible for all new mums to receive a treatment, as it can be done from a reclining chair. Often the baby will feel mum becoming more relaxed and will sleep peacefully through the treatment.


3. Reflexology is great for balancing hormones, which will help prevent the baby blues and post natal depression.


4. There has been research to indicate that reflexology can help with breastfeeding and milk supply.


5. The parasympathetic nervous system is turned on, which is when the body’s natural healing abilities kick in.


6. It may improve the quality of sleep


7. In the 6 – 8 weeks following the birth, the reproductive organs are returning slowly to their natural state. The balancing affect of reflexology may be beneficial in supporting this process.


I hope that any new mums going through the post partum period have found this blog useful. Don’t forget yourself, and take the time to rest and re-set that you deserve.